Dear Spinning Wheel Tenants:

As this outbreak continues to expand, we all must work together to slow the spread of the COVID-19. Please know that all the proactive measures we are taking from the constant sanitation of our common areas by additional personnel to the closure of most of our common areas are for your protection and for the protection of our workforce.

Our office is closed so please do not put yourself at any unnecessary risk by attempting to visit our management office particularly if you are at a higher risk due to advanced age or an underlying medical condition. As we previously indicated, Andy will only be responding to emergency or life safety issues. If you have an emergency maintenance or life safety issues please forward it through the Building Engines System.

Our management office cannot accept deliveries. Kindly reschedule any deliveries of non-essentials such as furniture, flowers, etc… Additionally, we have requested that UPS and Amazon not leave excess packages in the mail room. If you are expecting a delivery please buzz in delivery personnel and request that the package be delivered directly to your door.