While we continue to have no known cases of COVID-19, we continue to work on many fronts to try to keep you and our employees safe during this outbreak. Please note that effective Monday, March 16th all non-essential maintenance requests will be suspended as a result of our additional workload due to increased sanitation procedures and an anticipated reduction in office staff. Andy and our staff will only be responding to essential services such as clogged toilets and sinks, water leaks, appliance failure, lack of heat etc….While we cherish our friendly close- knit Spinning Wheel community we now must sacrifice interactions as much as possible to reduce our COVID-19 risk. In accordance with CDC recommendations we strongly encourage you to keep space(6 feet) between yourself and other residents, refrain as much as possible from congregating in the lobby, library and other common areas, and limit visitors to the building out of respect for our older residents who may be at a higher risk for COVID-19.   As we previously indicated the hospitality room is now closed and all activities are cancelled and furniture will be removed from the lobby. Our management office will be operating with reduced staff and closed to walk-ins. Should you have questions or concerns please contact our office through the Building Engines system and be sure to check your Building Engines emails regularly as we will continue to adapt our approach day by day as events unfold.