Dear Office Tenants:

As you may know, Governor Pritzker announced the attached five-phase re-entry program entitled “Restore Illinois.” While we remain uncertain as to when we will move into the next phase, you can depend on us to do everything we can to make you and your staff feel as safe and as comfortable as possible when returning to work. Re-entry isn’t one-size fits all as each of your businesses has been affected differently by COVID-19 and will have varying degrees of return to work protocol. Regardless of how your business re-enters the workplace, our primary focus continues to be centered on the health and safety of your staff and ours.

As you know, we have already taken several steps urging compliance with Governor Pritzker’s Shelter in Place Executive Orders as well as the CDC recommendations including communications by way of our Building Engines system, posting of notices, website updates, installation of hand sanitizing stations, closing of all conference & exercise facilities, removal of lobby furniture, and reduction of building entry hours.

Our re-entry program includes numerous additional measures to ensure your well-being including:

  • Posting of attached building entry door signage;
  • Placement of floor decals to facilitate social distancing and to provide queue positioning for elevator occupancy restrictions;
  • Placement of additional hand sanitizing stations throughout the buildings;
  • Day porter service to include disinfection of frequently touched common area surfaces multiple times per day in addition to our enhanced evening common area sanitation procedures which have been on-going since the pandemic started;
  • After-hours disinfection of all open common areas with electrostatic spray (you will receive future notification of scheduling).

With respect to our staff, in order to respond to your maintenance needs our employees have returned to full hours but with an earlier start time. For your safety and for the well-being of our employees, when practicable we will attempt to perform non-critical maintenance work before 9:00 a.m. or during times when your building is experiencing its lowest occupancy levels.   All our staff have been instructed to follow Executive Orders and CDC recommendations including wearing face coverings, gloves, and practicing social distancing. Our management office continues to work remotely but we are readily available by email or phone. Please let us know as soon as possible, if you learn of a positive test result for COVID-19 for an individual who has accessed the building, by utilizing the reporting tab on our website at

We sincerely appreciate our landlord-tenant relationship and the trust you have placed in us and hope for a successful re-entry into the workplace that will sustain the viability of all our businesses. Most importantly we wish for your continued good health and safety.