While we have no reports of a case of COVID-19 in the Building, please know that we continue to take proactive steps to protect our residents and their visitors on a daily basis in accordance with CDC recommendations.  We are devoting several hours per day of additional cleaning/disinfecting of high traffic touch surfaces throughout the common areas of the building.   As soon as shipments are received, we will be installing sanitation stations as well as table top hand sanitizers in the common areas of the building.  Here at 21 Spinning Wheel we are suspending use of the hospitality room as well as the donation table.  We are also closing the fitness facility and conference rooms at 15 Spinning Wheel Road.  These changes are effective Saturday the 14th.  Attached are the CDC recommendations for apartment homes which we urge you to follow.    All communications regarding the Coronavirus will be through our Building Engines system so please make sure that our system has the correct contact person and contact information for your apartment so that you can receive our updates as they become available.  Thank you for your cooperation.